Digital Marketing Trends

The ever competitive digital marketing arena is getting even complex by the day. In fact, digital marketing trends keep changing daily, giving marketers a run for their money. The main drives of changing marketing trends are round-the-clock technology innovations and a very informed and technology-savvy global market. Here is what is trending in digital marketing in the year 2019.

  1. Chatbot

Many marketers are turning to Chatbots to provide customers with product or service information. Chatbots have gained prominence in many industries across the globe including new language learning, airline, travel industry among others. A Chatbot or Chatterbot is an interactive chat robot that uses a computer program to mimic human chats. Chatbot apps use programmed artificial intelligence to chat with customers on various online media platforms including websites, landing pages, Face book messenger, Gchat, Bing, Skype, Slack, among others. What is so amazing is that some of the Chatbots are programmed to interact using a friendly language for example the Hipmunk bot on their Face book Messenger page.

  1. Advancements in the Search Industry

The search industry has continued to evolve. As customers are getting accustomed to voice searches, visual search technology is also trending. Visual search is impacting the search industry and particularly Google, Microsoft, Bing and Pinterest. As we all know, images are more powerful than texts alone and search engines are yet to exploit the full potential of using images.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

In the past, computers had to be programmed to function in a certain way. However, advancements in technology are equipping computers with artificial intelligence, giving the gadgets the ability to learn new things which are not programmed in it. The new technology is called Al (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Technology.  It enables the computer to learn from its day to day experiences.

In addition, Smartphones have continued to advance with innovative features on phones like Location Services which detects the driving patterns of users. The apps provide information like traffic updates, the driving distance to your destination among other features.

  1. Evolving Online Broadcasting Channels

It is worth noting that Vlogosphere or Blogosphere segments are growing steadily with vloggers and digital marketers taking up the challenge every day. Therefore, when digital marketers are revising their annual marketing plans, they need to consider using various online broadcasting channels.

They have a choice between programmatic advertising, which is a more targeted marketing campaign in which ad space is bought through bidding from various popular websites. In programmatic advertising an auctioning system known as real-time bidding (RTB) is employed to place ads on websites.

Marketers are also using videos on their websites and other social media platforms. Although videos have a very high potential, they are still being used on a small scale by mostly bloggers who use the trending term vlogging.

Alternatively, they can use either web television or internet television. Web television utilizes traditional video sharing sites like YouTube while Internet Television operates like regular TV where programs are broadcast at scheduled times on certain internet sites.

Transition Tips

The good news is that there are many organizations offering video services and other services to make the transition to using the latest digital trends easier for marketers. Nevertheless, as marketers seek to leverage the latest digital trends, it is important to optimize past digital trends. In this regard, it is important to have a solid email marketing strategy, social media strategy and ensure that their website is relevant and is SEO-sensitive.

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