The World is Changing

The digital arena has brought a new challenge to marketers of creating exciting online experiences to customers interacting with their brand online.

In this regard, Marketing Managers have two challenges, of first keeping ahead of the latest digital trends as they also strive to create awesome customer experiences when customers have purchased and are using their products or services.

It is therefore very important for digital marketers to be informed of not only the latest trends but also what is planned in the near future in order to remain competitive.

Digital customer service is striving to respond to customer needs using digital channels which are more efficient and reduce costs associated with call centers. They include social media, online chats, email or text messaging.

Social Media Platforms

Email Marketing was a major marketing tool for long since internet marketing became popular. The main reason being that it is a sure way of getting a message to the final consumer with no chance of missing the target market.

However, with an increase in online activity, an average person can receive up to 100 emails per day. This makes it quite overwhelming for the consumer to check all the emails. Besides that, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are interactive and most consumers spend more time there than on checking their emails.

In this regard, consumers use mainly three types of online services. The first is an information provider service, then there are interactive social media platforms and lastly, there are messaging services.

The most popular social media platforms remain to be Facebook and Youtube. Facebook is very popular because it is very interactive. On the other hand, YouTube is trending because of the nature of information it provides. Other popular forums are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.

Messaging services are also quite popular and are really turning heads, they include Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat, Line, and Viber.


A chatbot or chatterbox is a chat robot programmed to communicate with human beings (customers) using artificial intelligence.

The main advantages of installing a chatbox are that first, they are very responsive, working full time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without needing a break or getting tired. Also, they can chat with multiple customers at the same time. Further, the chatbots are quite robotic with the capacity to know a few of the customer’s details like their location, thereby providing real-time responsive data to customers.

Content Marketing Using Trending Videos

The world of content marketing is very saturated and still evolving. Many marketers are using 360-Video and Live-videos as ways to engage their audience. 360-Videos or spherical videos are recorded using special types of cameras to capture every direction in the video at the same time. YouTube and Facebook introduced and continue to use 360-degree video marketing to give their customers extraordinary experiences.

Live Video has also been trending on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Trending videos get an opportunity for sponsorships and product placement.

Personalization of Services

Most organizations like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon have used one to one, so-called personalized customer service in their messaging to enhance customer experiences.

Customer Service Tips

To establish a brand, have a competitive edge and increase sales, digital marketers need to satisfy their customer needs by responding to them effectively. The information helps marketers develop proactive product-focused strategies and customer-satisfaction strategies which help them remain relevant to their technology-savvy consumers.

Although it is quite challenging to keep up with a tech-savvy market, however, it is worth noting that new innovations have the added advantages of making the job of marketing easier.

As the old adage says, when the going gets tough, only the tough get going. Every organization must have an all-inclusive online-presence because consumers prefer using social media and mobile apps than emails and websites but marketers have to continue using all methods.

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