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Speech Therapy Clinic

Let's help you increase your conversion through targeted traffic. Here is an SEO success case study.

SEO Case Study

Over 600% Increase in Organic Traffic for Synaptic Pediatric Therapies

When Covid-19 ravaged most businesses, Synaptic Pediatric Therapies decided to take a different approach. In such cases, most business owners resort to panic mode.
But Synaptic Pediatric Therapies contacted us to give ideas on how they could do better in business, despite the effects of the pandemic. With the restricted movement, we embarked on enhancing the company’s online presence.
First things first. You can’t build on a weak foundation, and your website is the face of your company. We identified areas we could revamp the site to make it more user-friendly and inviting.

Website Revamping

Synaptic Pediatric Therapies’ website had a few problems. One of the most significant issues was optimization for mobile screens. We revamped the site’s layout to make it more user-friendly. We also made sure that the content was well organized for easier navigation and reading.
As a result, not only were users able to view all sections of the website on their mobile devices, but they could find what they needed quickly too! Apart from that, we made it easier to contact the company through contact forms.

On-page SEO

A Snippet of Targeted Location Keywords

Although Synaptic Pediatric Therapies had content on the website, ranking for the targeted keywords was uphill. Our SEO experts embarked on an extensive onsite SEO for better ranking in organic results.

First, we worked on titles and meta descriptions for each page of the site. We also optimized the site’s content by adding more keywords, including synonyms, for better search engine optimization.

After that, we focused on h tags to ensure they aligned with the pages’ content. The strategy helped to direct search engines on the content that the website focuses on. In addition, we optimized images to make them more relevant for targeted keywords.

Local SEO

Local SEO

What is traffic if it is not relevant to your location or services?

We implemented local SEO strategies to ensure potential clients could find the website. We implemented Google My Business for better location rankings, as well as Yelp integration.

The creation of location pages with keywords and sitemap submission were vital in targeting specific areas near the therapy clinic.

As a result, the clinic saw an increase in local traffic from search engines. At the moment, Synaptic Pediatric Therapies ranks on position 1-3 for over 150 location keywords. The site has over 400 keywords for various locations on the first page of Google.

PPC Management Statistics

PPC statistics

You can use pay-per-click to target important keywords which you are not ranking organically. Because organic traffic also takes time, you can use Google ads to target more keywords for your business before getting SEO results. However, it is a tricky balance between the cost and income generated from the ads. 

Synaptic Pediatric Therapies wanted a campaign that reduced the cost per click and increased the conversion. Our PPC managers embarked on research to improve the quality score of ad copies for more clicks at a lower rate. 

At the start of our engagement, Synaptic Pediatric Therapies averaged 15 clicks per week at a CPC of $10.07. After taking over the management of the Google ads, we reduced the cost-per-click to $3.28. At the moment, the company gets at least 100 clicks weekly.

All these data is not essential if not reciprocated in business results. Synaptic Pediatric Therapies has realized over 13,00% increase in conversions over the last 1 year. 

Business Impact

Tremendous Growth in Organic Traffic & Keywords (SEMrush)

Our experts don’t work blindly. We set up tracking codes and link every campaign to the relevant tools. Consequently, we can keep you posted on the performance of SEO or PPC campaigns.  Through this technique, we can identify areas of improvement to increase conversions and reduce the expenses. Our objective is to give you a higher return on investment for every buck you invest in digital marketing.

  • 40% clientele increase in 1 year
  • 1,323 increase in PPC conversions
  • Reduction of CPC from $10.07 to $3.28
  • Increase in weekly clicks from an average of 15 to over 100
  • Over 400 location keywords on the first page of Google
  • Setting up of more than 6 new branches in the Dallas area
  • Over 600% increase in organic traffic
  • Over 200 new general keywords

Overall, Synaptic Pediatric Therapies has seen an increase in traffic of over 600%. This means that the site gets more than 1500 visitors per month. Although this might seem like a low number, the website users comprise over 80% of high potential clients.

The company also increased its clientele by 40% due to better visibility on search engines. With the business getting more exposure online, it has become easier for people to contact them.

Synaptic Pediatric Therapies has opened more branches across Dallas. Previously, the company had 2 subsidiaries, and at the moment, that number is double. Tapping the online market created a broader market for SPT. After targeting specific cities keywords, it was necessary to create branches in the targeted areas.

Where Could You Be?

As you can see, with the right SEO strategy and tools, your website could reach more people.
If Synaptic Pediatric Therapies’ results are anything to go by, we encourage you to create a strong online presence for your company. Working with an experienced team of digital marketers will ensure that traffic is directed to your website.

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