Pure Hands

Pure Hands is a nonprofit organization that delivers humanitarian aid to those in need.
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First Step

Understanding our clients

Pure Hands is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that delivers humanitarian aid to those in need in Yemen. Pure Hands intervention focuses on alleviating poverty, providing economic opportunities, and delivering emergency relief. Their Mission is to provide quality relief, sustainable development, and capacity building services to Yemeni communities through a dedicated and accountable team. While there are many other nonprofits organizations, Pure Hands was growing faster and more significant, operating through many offices across the U.S. however, it struggled to reach its goals because of its digital appearance.
Before Digital Marksmen establishment, our founders voluntarily built the website, helped set up Pure Hand’s digital appearances, and made sure leads were generating.

Our steps to success

Digital Marksmen Every Step Of The Way

We Attacked This Problem Head-On With A Powerful Approach

1.Increase Brand Awareness

Digital Marksmen thrives on redesigning/redeveloping the website, using the new popups/landing pages to create awareness, and staying on top of its goals to reach millions of donors/donations for those in need.

2. Better Website User Experience

Before partnering with Digital Marksmen, Pure Hands had lower conversations due to a lack of SSL security on their site and the increasingly competitive. We recommended conversion rate optimization focused on programmatic display and strengthen security, designed to increase donations and brand awareness.

Pure Hands

Explore What We Are Doing Better

The top chart demonstrates the growth in income and donations. The first 12 days of conversion optimization and the active display on the website (launched on May 08 till today, May 19) Donations for Pure Hands grew by 150%:
By focusing on the intrinsic user journey, build more robust security and conversion rate optimization, We hit the highest conversion rate of 98%.