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Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy not only involves on-page SEO but also tactics outside the website. Off-page SEO is also often referred to as off-site SEO. It entails link building and other tactics that give your page a competitive edge. For example, brands that mention your site without a link also build your off-site SEO.

Let’s look at the strategies that you need to build successful off-page SEO. We will also look at on-page vs. off-page SEO and other factors that determine your SERP Ranking. Let’s get started.

off-page SEO

What is Off-page SEO?

What is off-page SEO, and how does it affect your business website? It refers to SEO services off your website which boost your website’s rank. Off-page optimization gives your business a competitive advantage, and its value can last for years.

When done right, off-page SEO increases your site’s rating on all search engines, improving organic traffic. Off-page optimization informs the search engines such as Google what others think about your website. The search engines assume you have valuable information if you have several links to your site. As a result, your page’s trustworthiness and authority increase leading to a higher appearance on the search engine results page.

On-Page SEO Vs. Off-Page SEO

On-page refers to activities you perform within the website, such as content, keywords optimization, title tags, URLs, image alt text, and internal links. However, off-page SEO are tactics performed out of your sites, such as links and mentions on social media and other websites. Both off-page and on-page SEO complement your broader digital marketing goals.

Off-Page SEO Services and Techniques

Below are the essential off-page techniques that you need to incorporate into your off-page SEO plan:

Link Building

Many SEO agencies refer link building as a crucial part of building a successful SEO campaign. Links are essential in building higher SERPs. Though most link building can be trial and error, you need to understand how to approach this technique if you are starting to implement an SEO strategy. Ideally, link building off-page SEO tactic’s goal is to improve your site’s authority. It shows the level of trust from one site to another.

You need quality links from authority websites. There are various types of links, each with different criteria affecting the quality of the link to your website. Below are some of the types of SEO links for your site.

Natural Links

This type of link comes to your site naturally. You or your team don’t do anything to earn this praise. The person mentions and links your website simply because they found the content you shared valuable. They may have discovered the information through Google or because they follow your brand. At Digital Marksmen, we are a quality off-page SEO agency that help businesses create content that can generate natural links.

Built Links

Apart from natural links, your team can work hard to earn built links. They come from talking to webmasters, journalists, publishers, or ad campaigns with your content. Though you or your team create this link, it still provides value for your users and offers exposure, helping people find your website.

Created Links

Self-submissions on forums, directories, blogs, and press releases earn your site-created links. It is a link created deliberately without outreach. However, this is a black-hat off-page SEO tactic that is highly discouraged. If you want to know how to improve off-page SEO, you must avoid these types of links and only focus on built and natural links.

Factors to Consider When Link Building

Below are some of the main factors you should consider when link building.


At Digital Marksmen, we use backlink analytics skills which measure the authority score of your page and links. The score measures the overall quality of your site and informs you of backlink impact. The score comprises:

  • The number of backlinks and their authority
  • No-follow vs. follow links
  • Generated organic traffic
  • Number of users

The goal should be earning links from websites that have a high authority score.


You should get links from sites aligned with yours when link building. For example, if you run a flower company, the major links should come from bloggers and sites within the same line of business. However, you can have links from unrelated industries if they are natural links and the topic is closely linked to your site.

Unique Domain

Besides authority and topical relevance, you should consider unique domains linking to your site. According to a Backlinko study, there is a relationship between higher rankings with the number of linking domains. Therefore, your goal should focus on domain diversity when link building. Digital Marksmen’s high-quality off-page SEO service focus on this aspect to build your site’s visibility.

Brand Building

building a brand

Google and other search engines reward brands. Therefore, building your brand should become a key point when conducting an SEO campaign. It is an aspect of off-page SEO that helps you leverage your online ranking to your brand visibility. When focusing on building your brand, we look at the following metrics:

  • Brand searches: If you want to know you are improving your off-site SEO, your brand searches should increase. The search could cover your brand name, products, or domain.
  • Brand mentions: Social mentions are vital in sending signals to search engines that people know your brand and are talking about you. When you engage users on social media sites, you improve your brand mentions which are valuable when building trust and authority.

Brand building also helps improve your brand’s search engine page results. It improves your credibility on Google and also earns natural links and mentions online without actively seeking them out.

Google My Business

If your business has a local presence, you can’t avoid Google My Business set-up and optimization if you want to grow. GMB is one of the vital off-page SEO techniques. If well-executed, it helps rank your business on the map leading to high SEO payoffs.

Safari Digital research shows that 46% of all searches are users looking for local information. Additionally, users use Google and other search engines to find local information.

If your business doesn’t appear in local searches, you lose out to your competitors. We provide a comprehensive guide to optimizing Google My Business as part of our off-page SEO services helping local customers find you.


local directory

A citation can also be known as a business listing. It refers to publishing of your business name, address and contact information on local directories. Off-page SEO for eCommerce entails ensuring these citations are correct.

Business listing helps your business rank in a specific location, leading to high SERPs. The goal of citations is to ascertain consistency in this information wherever it appears. Auditing site citations improve your off-page SEO helping you delete duplicates, manage reviews, and locate new business opportunities.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is crucial to a successful on-page SEO strategy. However, it also affects off-page SEO. Additionally, content you create to publish on other sites falls under off-page SEO. For example, you can write informative guest posts or publish infographics linking to leading newspapers.

Creating engaging content improves off-page SEO from the promotion you receive from this work. Common aspects of content marketing that help build off-page SEO are blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, infographics, surveys, studies, and research papers. In addition, PR, social media, and link-building tactics help improve content marketing as an off-page SEO tactic.

Public Relations

It is now becoming impossible to separate PR and SEO. Digital PR helps build links, which is crucial for a successful SEO strategy. PR tactics are a perfect way of promoting a great story, leading to more linkable content. When you implement PR techniques, you improve the off-site optimization in various ways. These include:

  • Increased brand awareness leading to more brand searches
  • Generates referral traffic
  • It gets your customers talking about you by putting your business in front of them.
  • Earns you a thought leader spot leading to building more trust signals.

Social Media

social media

Over 4.2 billion people use social media. There are over 97% of consumers in the USA who use social media. As such, it plays a vital role in our daily usage of search engines to look for answers. First, customers can now use social media as search engines.

Though social searches aren’t a ranking factor, they are mostly discovery platforms. Therefore, businesses with a strong social media presence have a high chance of engaging with clients looking for the right brand.

Additionally, social media is crucial as a customer service tool. Many users reach out to brands through their social sites. For this reason, part of SEO off-page optimization should entail maintaining a strong presence. In addition, communicate professionally and effectively.


When you want people to notice your brand, you should improve your activities on discussion forums. In these forums, you can help people with solutions and link to your site if appropriate. Leaving comments on posts also optimizes your message.

Ideally, forums allow you to get involved in conversations relating to your expertise, helping you position yourself as an expert. Using forums such as Quora or Reddit is a different way of building links. It is an avenue where brands can build relationships and trust with customers by answering the questions they are already asking.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are included in the list of off-page SEO activities. Reviews inform search engines and crawlers how to perceive your brand. If your site has positive reviews, it will appear more credible, meaning they will make it to the top of the SERPs.

Additionally, conversions are better when you have a positive online reputation. Therefore, you should aim to have return buyers to boost your search engine’s credibility. Furthermore, customers state that online reviews affect their buying decisions. At Digital Marksmen, we provide online reputation management, helping brands leverage reviews to improve brand signals.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has changed from sponsored blog posts to Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channels. This strategy relies on promoting goods or services to trusted industry experts who then deliver the branding message to your potential customers.

Social media influencers have a dedicated and passionate following invested in a particular field. If you use an influencer within your niche, you reach thousands or millions of people, and you leverage the influencer’s credibility. In addition, these influencers help amplify your site’s content and earn you more potential customers.



Podcasts have high popularity that brands can take advantage of, increasing their target audience monthly. You can use this off-page SEO tactic as part of your marketing strategy. Businesses using podcasts gain a competitive advantage as they reach new audiences.

Additionally, sharing your expertise helps improve your brand visibility on search engines. At Digital Marksmen, we provide off-page SEO services helping you find ways to acquire new customers through strategies such as podcasts.

Guest Posting

Guest posting helps build links that boost off-site optimization. However, it can be more than that when well executed. Writing as a guest on another site provides valuable information to their audience.

Guest posting can put your brand in front of a quality audience, thus improving organic traffic to your website. Additionally, it helps earn a thought leadership position in your field as you interact with a new audience.

Should I Partner with An Off-page SEO Agency?

Businesses that fail to implement effective off-page SEO strategies struggle in their ranking. Off-page SEO is vital to establishing your website’s authority, thus affecting your ability to rank high; authority matters when it comes to a page or site’s ranking.

Additionally, off-page SEO is helpful when building a brand. You need link-building strategies, social media, forums, podcasts, off-page content, customer reviews, GMB, and citations to build a comprehensive off-page SEO plan. Talk to us for more information on growing your brand and increasing organic traffic to your site through these strategies.

Off-page SEO FAQs

Off-page SEO is an integral part of your site’s authority. Therefore, we recommend implementing SEO strategies such as articles and podcasting to improve off-page optimization.

You can hire a separate SEO agency or company to implement techniques. Additionally, you can handle them as part of your in-house marketing team’s tasks.

You can use off-page SEO reports to track your site’s progress and monitor improvements. A good analysis and reporting tool should provide data on link acquisition, linking root domains, new backlinks, referring domains, etc. 

The age of the domain doesn’t affect SEO, but it does play a role in off-page optimization. Older domains have higher domain authority and help you improve your site’s overall ranking.

Your off-page SEO plan should include strategies such as guest posts, podcasts, building links through PRs and blog outreach campaigns, and local listings. You can hire a digital marketing agency to help you implement the plan.

You can begin optimizing your site as soon as it is published. In addition, you need a thorough plan so that the timing of each technique complements each other. Talk to us for more information about implementing an off-page SEO plan.

Get Custom Off-page SEO Services

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