Flooring SEO, PPC and Website Design Case Study


Let's help you increase your conversion through targeted traffic. Here is a flooring success case study.

Increased Organic Traffic from 5K to 75K

All American Flooring Traffic
All American Flooring needed some tweaks to see the company become a national brand. Although the company offered impeccable services, the online market was still untapped. The Digital Marksmen team came in to help the business improve its performance.
It’s been over 2 years since we took over All American Flooring as their digital marketing agency. We’ve seen some incredible results for the family-owned and operated business in the flooring industry. With our PPC, SEO, and web design strategies, we’ve seen an increase in organic traffic from 5k to over 75k per month on Google alone!

Bespoke Web Design

A website is like your front desk. When potential clients visit it, they should get a sense of who you are and the services that you offer. We designed All American Flooring’s website from scratch to capture their ethereal quality for being flooring contractors while also showcasing impressive photos of projects completed in both residential and commercial spaces.

The custom web design created a foundation for other online marketing solutions. We’ve seen great success with their PPC and SEO strategies for both organic traffic and conversions.

The combination of attractive theme colors, graphic designs, and clear texts help convey All American Flooring’s unique quality and professionalism in the industry. The website was also designed for ease of use and navigation through pages to find details about their services.

Extensive Local SEO Strategies

A website is useless if nobody knows about it. Our comprehensive SEO strategy ensured that when people search for flooring contractors, they’ll find All American Flooring.
First, we created store location pages to target the market near the flooring showrooms. This helped the business rank on Google Maps, which allowed them to increase their local SEO ranking. Because the company offers services beyond the store locations, we targeted all the service locations.
Currently, the business has over 700 city-specific keywords ranking on the first page of Google. The pages have helped the company attract highly potent customers searching for the services and products All American Flooring offers.

General SEO Strategies

For the location pages to gain traffic, it was essential to create blog posts. We worked with the company to create blog posts that offer flooring tips and tricks. These articles have been driving traffic from Google search results, which enhances the overall SEO strategy.
Currently, the All American Flooring website has over 24k keywords from a mere 5k 2 years ago. The content has created great opportunities to interlink with different pages. These links to other pages further help establish All American Flooring as an authority in the flooring industry. The company has received over 30k backlinks, thanks to the quality blog posts.
Keywords should attract the right traffic to your website. All American receives more than 75K organic traffic from an average of 5K, 2 years ago. This is an over 1500% increase in organic traffic!

PPC Strategies

With the increase in organic traffic, we’ve seen an increase in conversions. The PPC and social media marketing strategies have helped All American Flooring get more leads than ever before!
First, we created a campaign to advertise on Google AdWords for various keywords related to flooring contractors. Over the last 6 months, the company has received over 3.5k conversions from our PPC campaigns. We have also managed to lower the average CPC from over $10 to $5.36.
Our intention has been to increase conversion and lower the CPC without compromise on conversion. We have managed this, and more than 70% of the ads we have placed are on the first page. The return on investment has been beyond the targets that the All American Flooring team gave us.

Business Impact

The PPC and SEO strategies have helped the business grow immensely.All American Flooring has received over 75k organic traffic from an average of just under 5000 two years ago.
These are massive increases in both visitors to their website as well as conversions!
All American Flooring has also seen its company profile page on Google search results increase dramatically. The business has seen over 30k backlinks from highly relevant pages, which have helped them rank higher on search results.
The PPC campaign is also doing great! All American Flooring has received more than a 1500% increase in organic traffic, and the CPC is lower by 50%. This shows that our strategies are helping businesses succeed online.

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