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All American Flooring DFW flooring retailer. With four retail stores across Texas.
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First Step Ahead

Why We Are The Best

Although All American Flooring had been around for 30 years, the company with four locations ranked for less than 800 keywords when we first started. That wasn’t good enough to drive business to all their sites with a significant shift to digital over the years. Local print advertising and walk-in traffic weren’t enough to reach sales and company growth goals. They turned to Digital Marksmen for help. Our team rolled up their sleeves before creating a customized marketing strategy and dove headfirst into the data. We wanted to dissect the client’s web presence, as well as that of their competition. Our research discovered that All American Flooring’s organic strategy was not accurately communicating their authority in the industry. Without a strong, authoritative online standing, brands will struggle to rank high on search engines or convince prospects to become customers. In addition to SEO, we’ve also been working with All American Flooring across PPC, Lead Generation, Ad Campaigns, and more.

three steps to success

Digital Marksmen Every Step Of The Way

We Attacked This Problem Head-On With A Three-Pronged Approach

Onsite SEO

First, we developed a comprehensive keyword strategy, focusing on terms and phrases that would offer the best possible investment return.
We then used these keywords to restructure the client’s web presence, with our secret sauce, including some essential elements such as updating tags and enhancing page content.
These tactics alone would have likely provided some increase in web presence, but we were only beginning.

Offsite SEO

While part of our SEO team worked to optimize AAF’s on-page presence, a few others got to work implementing cutting edge with offsite SEO methods to provide the boost our client deserved.
Optimizations included updating all online 3rd party platforms and launching a rather expansive outreach campaign that improved AAF’s authority in the industry.

Setting up a CRM

Boosting more leads and getting more website visits without having a CRM at hand to quantify and gather channel insights would have been foolish.
Digital Marksmen is data-driven, and so we set up a Hub Spot CRM system for AAF so that they could track all leads and understand which channels led to which sales.